Poisonous Magnetism: The Paranormal Experiences of John Brown

This fascinating story of a 19th Century Spiritualist’s lifelong relationship with disembodied entities both patronizing and wrathful. The paranormal experiences of mountain trapper and trail guide John Brown rival those of modern era UFO contactees and remote viewers — and not without a thread of potentially demonic influence. Brown journeyed with a Mormon expedition to San Bernardino Valley in California and with other like-minded settlers founded the first Spiritualist temple in the state. This 1897 edition presented in classic reprint includes Brown’s childhood visits from the dead, his psychic journeys to other planets to encounter people from an extraterrestrial civilization, time travel to Earth’s mysterious past where he witnessed the anti-gravity technology mastered by the megalith builders, and is perhaps a cautionary tale hinting at the manipulative and dark nature of beings not of this realm. Brown’s mystical autobiography was a century ahead of its time – and may have been source material from which modern New Age contactees and tall tale tellers drew inspiration. This book is a must-read for experiencers and skeptics alike!

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