Hailing All Frequencies:    Welcome to Lost Continent Library

Hailing all frequencies:

   Welcome to Lost Continent Library’s new home! It has been several years since this place was active but we have the URL back and it’s full steam ahead. After twenty years of building this brand, the time has come to really take flight with the full complement of possibilities. There will be more adventure entertainment up ahead with several more reprint editions of classic pulp adventure literature, the return of the highly regarded and much demanded LCL Magazine – this time in PRINT; audio books and video shorts and films. Additionally, you can already find cool apparel by clicking the ‘Shop’ button, with much more to come. This new year casts LCL off on another twenty year voyage of creativity. Who knows what shore we’ll bring you to this time?

   For the new adventurers reading this, Lost Continent Library is a publishing company I founded in 2002 after my return from a mission in Africa. I was still doing my old job back then but already had an idea of what I really wanted to do when those travels ended. The day after arriving home, I obtained the business license and set up a PO Box and set about identifying a printer for the first book my new company would release: The Sunken World by Stanton Coblentz. A few months later, I signed a Florida-based author and subsequently released LCL’s second title, Atlantis Adventure.  More titles quickly followed. In those days, I did things the traditional way, doing print runs, usually of 250, occasionally 500. LCL is a micropress label, even with the 2010 expansion into non-fiction under the Corvos Books imprint. We even have an indie imprint called BaeBae featuring titles selected and championed by my daughter Liliana, making LCL now a multi-generational company.

   What can you expect from Lost Continent Library? This is the place where fans of nostalgia genre entertainment can find articles, books, pictorials, biographies, film and TV links to great pulp genre entertainment of the past and present. You will find fun products to express your enthusiasm for what LCL represents while making it possible for this family run small business to keep the lights on. Lost Continent Library is a place to escape to when the real world has had its bite out of you. LCL will always strive to be entertaining and welcoming to all who love adventure, action, horror, science fiction and mystery.

   We look forward to seeing you here often!

Walter Bosley

Founder & Publisher

2 thoughts on “Hailing All Frequencies:    Welcome to Lost Continent Library

  1. Hi Walter
    I have been listening to your videos and find resonance with much of your research. I am a keen follower of Joseph Farrell and would like to purchase books from your website. I live in the UK so I would like to know what the shipment prices will be?
    I am interested in Sesh Heri’s work to and would like to purchase his works as well as your empire if the wheel trilogy. Could you give me a price for these 4 books and the cost of shipping to WD6 1LH postcode I. The UK.
    Many thanks

  2. Hello Simone!

    Thank you so much for the support. There is distribution in your region so the very best way to get the books is through the following links because going through me forces extra steps that make it cost prohibitive. Here you go — and THANK YOU!:

    Farrell books https://www.lulu.com/search?page=1&q=giza+death+star&pageSize=10&adult_audience_rating=00

    Heri books https://www.lulu.com/search?

    Bosley books https://www.lulu.com/search?page=1&q=walter+bosley&pageSize=10&adult_audience_rating=00

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